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Video Clips

Scroll through and click on one of the images to get a flavor of what we can do for your business.


Sneezing Girl Story (ABC/GMA)
Mary Mercado Demo Reel
SA Live Sizzle Reel
John Jay High School Students speak out on Good Morning America
Healthy Living Healthy Portions
Eric Hipple Piece
Detroit Mayoral Debate Open
Detroit Lions Living For The City
Vinsetta Garage Restaurant
Shinola Watches
Cover Kids Spot
First Mustang Ever Sold
Social Media Marketing Piece
Refined Images
Kids Quinoa
designer crib
WDC 2012 Open
ABC/GMA Exclusive Interview

Click on samples above or reels below to see Mary's work. Mary's specialties include food, automotive, healthcare, lifestyle, home improvement, entertainment and sports -- but her extensive background also includes a smörgåsbord of additional topics.

AND... we're always up for learning something new!

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